Endeavour Cherry Sour Tea - 50gm loose leaf

Inspired by the grenadine cocktail, Cherry Sour is a delicious tart blend of South African red bush, sour cherry and hibiscus, with hints of citrus and spice. Excellent chilled for your summer fruit punch or cocktail, or served warm as a fruity winter warmer.

Ruby red when brewed, the combination of astringent hibiscus and mouth-puckering dried cherry are offset with a grounded, earthy blend of rooibos, cinnamon and the aromatic oils of dried orange peel. Stevia leaf balances the sour palate with a subtle sweetness; the overall effect of the blend is enhanced when brewed hot and later served chilled. 

Ingredients: Organic rooibos (South Africa), organic sour cherry (Uzbekistan), organic cassia (Sri Lanka), organic hibiscus (Egypt), organic stevia leaf (India), organic orange peel (Ghana).

Endeavour create, test and pack loose leaf blends in small batches, drawing inspiration from fine food and the diversity of of teas from around the world. 

Endeavour teas source organic ingredients as often as possible and don't use any artificial flavouring, added sugar or artificial sweeteners.Proudly supporting Australia suppliers and growers. 

Hand-blended, specialty loose leaf tea. 

Made in Australia

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