Rinaldi Chocolate and Hazelnut Soft Nougat - 86gm

Rinaldi artisan crafted honey nougats are mouth-watering confections, with a lineage that traces back through history to ancient Rome. Originally made of almonds, honey and egg white, this delicacy was served both as a dessert at formal events and, on other occasions, as an offering to the gods.

Now, the simple act of eating this exquisite confection is in itself an occasion.

South Australia is home to some of the finest Honey Nougats (torrone) in the world. How that came about is just one more chapter in the life of a dessert that was first created in the royal kitchens of Cremona in 1441 to commemorate a wedding.

It also is a story of a man with a sweet tooth, a passion for Torrone, and an unshakeable belief in the wisdom of the ancient pastry chefs, whose skills gave the world its first taste of honey nougat.

Collections: Gluten Free, Sweets & Chocolates

Vendor: Rinaldi

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