Pickett & Plough is the brainchild of two mums with a shared love of good food and a penchant for online shopping. Over countless cups of tea and far too much shortbread we realised there must be others who shared our excitement on receiving a beautifully presented package, delivered right to our door.

And so the plan for Pickett & Plough was hatched, and our search began for the best of Australia’s artisan products, dressings and drizzles.

We now have an evolving collection of products we love, from producers who share our commitment to quality. These products bring the ‘special’ to your table and are chosen to inspire, not intimidate.

We also believe that every package should look as delicious as it tastes, so whether you send yourself a Pickett & Plough parcel, or a loved one or an associate you can be assured that it will be presented beautifully and with love. And forgive us if we throw in a recipe or two, because we believe great recipes should be shared.

Speaking of sharing, we’d love to hear from you! Follow us on Instagram@pickettandplough or on Facebook at pickett&plough. We’ll keep you posted on what’s new and what we’re up to, and we hope you’ll do the same.



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