Claire Mukhi

    Director / Boss of everything

    Loves - Shortbread, Sausage Dogs and Sunday Lunches

    Hates - Spiders and wire coat hangers

    Ultimate Food Destination -Tasmania

    Go to meal - My husbands chicken curry

    Ideal dinner guest - My late great grandmother


    Director / Marketing Guru

    Loves - A hot cup of tea. A cold bottle of Champagne. A morning cuddle with my babies 

    Hates - Anything with wings. Birds freak me out 

    Ultimate Food Destination - Tuscany

    Go to meal - Mushroom Risotto

    Ideal Dinner Guest - my family (with the kids on their best behaviour) and my hilarious friends that always make me smile

  • Mandy BIFFIN

    Blogger/Recipe Creator/Food Stylist -

    Loves - Boating, walking, yoga, entertaining & travelling. Browsing through cookbooks and magazines, creating and researching new recipes. 

    Hates - Messy cooks, filing, housework.

    Ultimate Food Destination - Japan

    Go to meal - My son, Angus's whole scotch fillet, cooked over an open fire, with homemade bearnaise sauce

    Ideal Dinner Guest - Family and my bestie friends

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