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Meet the Producer - Soda Press Co

Posted on June 08, 2017 by Claire Mukhi



We are thrilled to dive deeper in the to life and story of Cam from Soda Press Co and the journey that's landed us being able to enjoy the amazing hand crafted Soda Syrups. We love everything about his products and know you too will be pleasantly surprised by the amazing flavours and combinations. 

  1. What inspired you to get started?

Soda Press launched in 2014 and was built on the pure frustration that the market was dominated by low quality and excessively sugary syrups. That essentially drove people from the category. I’d always had a passion for food and organics. I’d spent 16 years taking other people’s brands to market so I was thinking ‘if you don’t do it now you never will’. I traded in a career in advertising and built Soda Press from scratch. The business is on track, but it’s been a ton of hard work to get here. 

  1. What’s your favourite way of using a particular product?

Aside from making Soda the way I like it, I love using all the deserts options. Over vanilla icecream with the Raspberry and Mint, Blueberry and Lime as well and the Liquorice and Lemongrass is really divine. You can make slushies, floats/spiders and popsicles too. We have have a few chefs that use them in baking and cooking as glazes or bases for sauces and marinades.

  1. Tell us something we wouldn’t know about your product.

We are now ACO certified Organic! To off set sugar even further we stay well away from the likes of stevia and other nasty substitutes. We’ve also been working with New Zealand using Monk fruit that actually a sweet taste without any negatives, infact it has medicinal benefits and was used by Buddist Monks 500+ years ago within Asia. 

  1. Where do you see your business and products in the future?

We’re also expanding our offering into premium foodservice outlets with our 4L and 10L formats for postmix and free pour tap solutions that allows in-house craft organic soda to be served for just 60 cents a serve and as such moves the profit from $1 to $5 a serve. Not to mention all the extra fridge and stock space, plus the hassle that comes with stacking and getting rid of unsightly bottles – and you’re giving the planet a break too! Being low sugar and organic, many people who would normally just drink water now consider soda with their meal.”

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