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Posted on June 28, 2017 by Claire Mukhi

It's no secret here at Pickett & Plough how much we love Caramelicious soft caramels. It's different to other caramels on the market and the difference to us is most definitely the enormous amount of love poured in to every jar. We explore the story with the caramel man himself. 
  1. What inspired you to get started?

My father who lives in France made salted caramel as a hobby when he retired from working (he had never made caramel previously). I always think of “My father the hero” when I talk about him and that inspires me. Following a race fall in 2011 (I am a jockey by trade) and suffering a back injury, I thought it was time to think about an eventual transition. Breena (my wife) and I discussed about the possibility to develop the product in Australia. I have always had a passion for cooking, especially making desserts so being in the kitchen was never an issue.

      2. What’s your favourite way of using a particular product?

I love to use a particular product by itself to understand it at first but the beauty about food is that you can always find new combinations and I am not afraid to try the odd mix and eventually create something different and amazing.

       3. Tell us something we wouldn’t know about your product.

People might think that Salted caramel is only for dessert and sweets making but it is very versatile, it is a great complement to savoury dish as well. I love to add it to meat or vegetables to create a sweet and sour taste. My favourite combination is salted caramel with blue cheese, may sound odd but I guarantee you that it is worth every bite. The clash of flavours is unreal and fascinating!!!.

      4.Where do you see your business and products in the future?

We would like to expend our network globally, already exporting to Middle East and Asia, this requires a lot of research and homework. Our main goal is to develop our foodservice range, being able to work and make partnerships with other food businesses.

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Send us your pics of your caramel creations to and we will post them #deliciousdelivered



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