Who ate all the pies?

Posted on April 15, 2016 by Claire Mukhi

Everyone loves a good Sunday Night roast but what do you do with your left over meat and veggies? As the cooler months draw closer there's nothing better than crispy, flaky pastry filled with the goodness of last nights roast. 

At Pickett & Plough we believe in a few fundamental rules for your kitchen:

1. Always have a lemon in your fruit bowl
2. Always have puff pastry in your freezer
3. Always have a block of butter in your fridge

You'll find these 3 simple rules make life a lot easier when putting meals together. 

It's Pie Time:

Start by making your pie filling with a mirepoix of diced onions, carrots and celery fried off in some perfectly balanced Rylstone Olive Press Olive Oil. It's nice to add a good handful or whatever fresh herbs you have in the garden. Chop up your left over roasted meat and add to the pot, stir through with a tablespoon of plain flour. De-glaze your pan with a cup of white or red wine (red will make it richer). If you'd prefer to keep the alcohol out then you can always add some complexity with a good dash of Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods wood Aged Balsamic Vinegar. Slowly add water keeping in mind you don't want your pie mix to be too wet or your pastry will go soggy. No one likes soggy pastry! 

Your sauce should thicken nicely and thoroughly coat the meat. Don't forget if you have any left over roast veggies you can throw them in too. Now is a good time to get your pastry out of the freezer to let it start coming to room temperature. 

Its important to let your mix cool as if you put hot mix in your cold pastry it will make it go soggy. Really, no one likes soggy pasty.

Now, there's two options of whether to make a big giant family pie or to make small individual pies. Its completely and utterly up to you. We like to increase the levels of pastry consumption and go for small individual pies. Either way you'll need to grease your pie tin or baking dish. Once your pastry has come to room temperature and its become more pliable, mould it in to the base of your tin. Spoon in generous amounts of pie filling. Top your pie with a lid and seal with a fork. Paint over an egg wash across the top of your pie and you are ready to bake. Your pie is ready when the pastry is golden and crispy.

We'd love to hear from you and see your latest pie success. Send your pics through to info@pickettandplough.com.au and you could win a $50 Pickett & Plough Voucher. Don't forget to share your images and tag us @pickettandplough and #deliciousdelivered



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